• Chiplets diary: JEDEC’s tie-up with OCP bears first fruit

    Chiplets diary: JEDEC’s tie-up with OCP bears first fruit

    Exciting news! The collaboration between JEDEC (Joint Electron Device Engineering Council) and OCP (Open Compute Project) has started to bear fruit, and it's a significant step forward for chiplets. As you may know, chiplets are sm...
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  • Sensitive environment and failure mode of electronic components failure

    In this paper, the failure modes and failure mechanisms of electronic components are studied and their sensitive environments are given to provide some reference for the design of electronic products 1. Typical component failure modes Serial number Electronic component n...
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  • In-depth explanation of electronic components industry

    Electronic components mainly refer to passive components, of which RCL components are the most important components, with a wide range of products and applications. Global electronic components have gone through three development stages, China with the third semiconducto...
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  • What is an electronic component?

    The basic parts used to manufacture or assemble the electronic machine are called electronic components, and components are independent individuals in electronic circuits. Is there a difference between electronic components and devices? It is true that some people distin...
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