Short Description:

Product Attribute Attribute Value
Part Status Active
Manufacturer Microchip
Automotive Yes
PPAP Unknown
Type Capacitive
Number of Keys 32 Key
Interface Type I2C/SPI
Minimum Operating Temperature (°C) -40
Maximum Operating Temperature (°C) 85
Packaging Tape and Reel
Mounting Surface Mount
Package Height 1.4
Package Width 20
Package Length 20
PCB changed 144
Supplier Package LQFP
Pin Count 144

Product Detail

Product Tags

maXTouch® Adaptive Sensing Touchscreen Technology

1.Up to 32 X (transmit) lines and 52 Y (receive) lines
2.A maximum of 1188 nodes can be allocated to the
3.Touchscreen size 10.99 inches (16:10 aspect ratio),
assuming a sensor electrode pitch of 5.5 mm. Other
sizes may be possible with different electrode pitches
and appropriate sensor material
4.Multiple touch support with up to 16 concurrent
touches tracked in real time

Automotive Applications

1.AEC-Q100 Qualified
2.Developed following Automotive SPICE® Level 3
certified processes
3.CISPR-25 compliant (for both mutual and self
capacitance measurements)

Touch Sensor Technology

1.Discrete/out-cell support including glass and PET filmbased sensors
2.On-cell/touch-on display support including TFT, IPS and OLED
3.Synchronization with display refresh timing capability
4.Support for standard (for example, Diamond) and proprietary sensor patterns (review of designs by Microchip recommended)

Front Panel Material

1.Works with PET or glass, including curved profiles
(configuration and stack-up to be approved by Microchip)
2.Glass 0.4 mm to 4 mm with GFF stack, 0.55 mm to 4 mm with OGS stack (dependent on screen size, touch size, configuration and stack-up)
3.Plastic 0.2 mm to 3 mm (dependent on screen size, touch size, configuration and stack-up)

Touch Performance

1.Moisture/Water Compensation
- No false touch with condensation or water drop up to 22 mm diameter
- One-finger tracking with condensation or water drop up to 22 mm diameter
2.Glove Support
- Multiple-finger glove touches up to 1.5 mm thickness (subject to stack-up design)
- Single-finger glove touch up to 5 mm thickness(subject to stack-up design)
3.Mutual capacitance and self capacitance measurements supported for robust touch detection
4.Noise suppression technology to combat ambient and
power-line noise
- Up to 240 Vpp between 1 Hz and 1 kHz sinusoidal waveform
- Up to 20 Vpp between 1 kHz and 1 MHz sinusoidal waveform
5.Burst Frequency
- Controlled Tx burst frequency drift over process and temperature range
6.Scan Speed
- Up to 110 Hz one finger reporting rate (subject to configuration)
- Typical report rate for 10 touches ³100 Hz(subject to configuration)
- Initial touch latency <25 ms for first touch from idle(subject to configuration)
- Configurable to allow for power and speed optimization

On-chip Gestures

1.Reports one-touch and two-touch gestures Keys
2.Up to 32 nodes can be allocated as mutual capacitance sensor keys (subject to other configurations)
3.Adjacent Key Suppression (AKS) technology is supported for false key touch prevention Enhanced Algorithms
4.Lens bending algorithms to remove display noise
5.Touch suppression algorithms to remove unintentional large touches, such as palm
6.Palm Recovery Algorithm for quick restoration to normal state

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